Our process, your success.


We believe the best communications enlighten and entertain—while they sell. They win peoples’ confidence so you can capture their loyalty.


WhitfieldBarrett Marketing Communications is a small band of storytellers and artisans. We create and craft novel business solutions to help brands shine in the marketplace and change peoples lives. With more than a decade of client storytelling success working with mainstream and multicultural ad agencies, startups and established brands, we are uniquely positioned to deliver impactful Total Market solutions for emerging and mid-size companies, organizations and celebrated brands desiring a fresh approach.


Drawing from our life experiences, our creativity and our industry expertise, we cherish an opportunity to tell your amazing brand story. Like you, we believe that your product is the best marketing for your brand. Like you, we understand that marketing communications are an extension of your product that perpetuates your brand by valuing its users. Like you, we believe that a great product experience empowers people, and in turn makes them advocates of your brand. Together, we will create great marketing that tells the kind of compelling stories that allow your brand to shine in the consumer’s mind.

Founded in San Diego, California in 2000, WhitfieldBarrett Marketing Communications is SB(Micro), SLBE, MBE, DBE, and SMBE certified.